Inspired by: Spokane

If I have ever been tempted to write a love letter to a city, it has been to Spokane. The green, the bridges, the grit, the sparkle. The pioneering spirit. It is steady, yet growing. It is small town with an unexpected city vibe. Oh, Spokane. The place my husband and I spent our early newlywed years - it has a special place in my heart.

For those outside the Pacific Northwest area, Spokane is a city in Eastern Washington. It is a city of four seasons with hot, dry summers and cold, snowy winters. From our current home in Ferndale, Washington, a drive to Spokane takes about seven hours. 

We spent a week in Spokane recently visiting family and taking the kids to visit various favorite spots. I brought watercolor supplies along for this trip as I didn't want to bring my entire acrylic painting operation.

Watercolors were a rewarding experience. Not only do they lend themselves well to the easiness of vacation, but they were a fun way to include my kids in the process as they were eager to join in.

A few favorite spots:

Riverfront Park. The park is a testament to the gem of Spokane which is the Spokane River. The river runs right through the City. We spent a beautiful afternoon downtown complete with a Carousel ride and a spontaneous run through the fountain.

Riverfront Park

Kendall Yards. What was once just sturdy, practical brick is now part of the trendy, urban landscape. It makes my heart happy to see the new Riverfront neighborhood, Kendall Yards flourishing with shops and restaurants. 

Washington Water Power

The Red Flyer Wagon. We love to visit the giant Red Flyer Wagon. An enormous play structure sited in Downtown Spokane, the kids have endless fun climbing up the stairs and sliding down the handle of the giant wagon.

Red Flyer Wagon

Maple Street Bridge. I may be like a mother admiring the many wonderful traits her children exhibit, but I like to think that Spokane's bridges are particularly charming. They are certainly a big part of the fabric of Spokane as they form a connection from one end of the city to the other. 

Maple Street Bridge

I think any place can be remarkable. I encourage anyone with the slightest inclination towards creative endeavors to bring watercolors along on your next family vacation or outing. What seems ordinary can be an important inspiration to an artist who is looking for the subject of their next painting!

I will have Spokane watercolor prints available on my website soon.

All my best,


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