Meet, “I forgot my kid at Kindergarten Kimmy.”

I forgot my kid at Kindergarten vintage doll

If you’ve been following for the last week, I have introduced you to a few ladies with moxie + mantra...I was reminded by a sweet friend recently that each lady has a bit of mess too...I was so inspired by her that I decided to tell a bit of the messy side of these ladies

Meet, “I forgot my kid at Kindergarten Kimmy.”

Who forgets their child at Kindergarten? This girl. The saints who staff the office at school give both grace and a phone call when it becomes clear: a parent has forgotten the 1/2 day. Oh, boy. Home for Ice cream and a million apologies to the kid and...that child has forgotten what mom never will. She’s juggling it all. Mostly without dropping the glass balls...but sometimes...she forgets her kid at Kindergarten.

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