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Meet “Mind Your Biscuits Beatriz.”

She subscribes to the wise words of Kacey Musgraves, “Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.” She believes that criticism is worth what it costs the sender to deliver it and that sometimes you just have to roll your eyes and keep walking. You won’t find her sipping chatter at the water cooler but she’ll drop everything to listen to a friend with a problem. She minds her biscuits. Shows up for friends. She rolls her eyes at the haters and moves right along.  

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Meet Nice Girl Barbie

This is Nice Girl Barbie. She thinks people should be kind on social media. She thinks everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. She thinks it would be good for everyone to remember that we are all just people. She thinks that the politicians that you hate are just like you, your mom, your dad, your brother, your sister, your friend. She thinks we can disagree without attacking each other personally. She thinks we might be better off if we imagined that people are generally doing the best that they can. She sure is!

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Find me at: 6X6NW in Shoreline, WA (October 5)

6X6NW is an art exhibition and fundraiser for the Shoreline Arts Council featuring hundreds of 6 x 6-inch artworks from local and national artists. The event takes place on October 5 at Shoreline Community College, doors open at 7:00PM. All art featured at 6x6NW is just $36. A fantastic price for an original piece of work. Take a piece at these whimsical little beauties. Which one will you take home?   I'd love to see you at the event! Best, Erin

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