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Like many of you, I watched the Social Dilemna last year. My reaction was very focused outside myself. I was angry. Mostly that big social media businesses were manipulating the masses - including myself. The result was a few “can you believe it,” conversations with friends and family, a few weeks of avoiding social media altogether and then…a gradual return. 

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A Few Tips For Stocking the Art Supply Cupboard

We live in unprecedented times. As news around Coronavirus swirls endlessly, we are met with uncertainty but also resilience. In Washington state where I live, schools are shut down for the next six weeks and while we scramble for childcare plans and that last roll of toilet paper rumored to exist at the local grocery store — my little community is also busy inventing ways to support each other while we spend time at a distance. I was particularly cheered by a new Facebook “helper” group whereby healthy people volunteer to run errands and help bring necessities to those who may be housebound. Another community member is making what she is calling “vats” of soup for anyone who might need...

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Goodbye January + Recap of the Month

January in Washington State is the weather month that we all just have to get through. Well...I guess February fits this bill as well but...January is particularly ferocious. Cold and dark and rainy and...sometimes snowy...this time of the year can make you forget that spring really will appear. I think our infamous gray sky has more to do with the general gloominess than anything else. 

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