VOTE (because two races in my area were decided by COIN TOSSES last year)

I am writing on Saturday, October 31st. The General Election in the United States is a few short days away at this point and it's been quite a campaign season. I feel like we are at the end of one big, emotional, sobbing, sloppy argument. The kind that leaves it's mark on the heart and lingers like a hangover the next morning. 

We are a nation nursing a collective emotional hangover and while I understand the instinct to drown a few Tylenol and go to bed -- it is more important than ever to finish this fight.

And all that must be done is to VOTE. I assume there are precious few people still deciding HOW to vote at this point. BUT there may be those who remain unconvinced that a single vote counts. Let me tell you that in my corner of the world TWO races were decided by a coin toss last year. A COIN TOSS! That means that the races were tied after mandatory re-counts and the remedy was literally to toss a coin. If only one more voter on either side had added their voice - a different ending might have been written. And if you are interested in the coin toss saga, here is a local story:

I don't share this local story because I wish the results from the coin toss had been different. I share because I am horrified to think that a coin toss was necessary in the first place. I am horrified to think that apathy can have such an oversized impact on the future of our towns, cities, states and country.  

Friends, there is no one like you in this world. You must use your voice to communicate your best vision for our country. We cannot let apathy continue to have the kind of impact it has had of late. 

Your vote matters. Let's stay in the fight. 

All the best,


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