Why I Made a Podcast (and why you will love it!)

Thank you for making that podcast art 

My dear friends. You are reading this because we share a history. Maybe we have connected through art. Maybe we have connected through life. Maybe we've run into each other on social media. Whatever the connection, thank you for being an important part of my life. 

I want you to be the first to know about my new storytelling project. A podcast called, Thank You For Making That. This podcast is dedicated to creative humans across the creative spectrum and will be a good guide for creativity, failure, resiliency, and best practices. We will hear from a diverse set of creative people who will give good advice and provide encouragement on a weekly basis. 

Maybe you are the next guest? Maybe you have a question you want to ask me? If so, get in touch at thankyouformakingthat@gmail.com

The best way you can support the podcast is to rate and review the podcast in Apply Podcasts. Thank you in advance!

Take care and talk to you on the podcast next week!

All the best,




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