door of the cabin in the woods
colorful cabin in the woods
vines and branches

Barn and Town

Whimsical Abstract Cabin Original Art for Sale

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We came across this cabin in the woods in Glacier, Wa...well...perhaps this isn’t the exact cabin but it is the way I see it in my mind (reference photo in my stories) 😊 whimsical and quiet and still...the perfect place to be away.

  • A reminder of home away from home
  • This piece gives you a nostalgic feeling of cozy cabins in the woods, perfect for spaces like the bookshelf or your personal bedroom

Surface: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 10x10
Colors: Tan, Beige, Black, Peach, Lime, Dark Green, Yellow Green
Quality: 100% Original Painting
Frame: Unframed
Sizing Customization: Send us a message for different sizes.

Do you want a customize painting? Contact us to discuss your request.