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Vivacious Classic Art Meet Wanda Colorful Wall Decor

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Meet, “Weight of the World Wanda.” She gives herself too much credit and far too much blame for life... failure is crushing to her and she has spent her life trying to avoid it... she holds things too closely because she is afraid that if she lets them go they will crumble without her... she is learning to grow her mindset... she is learning that some burdens are not hers to carry... she is learning that she can outlive failure...

  • Decorate your workplace with this canvas to showcase your space and entertain with elegance.
  • A great gift idea for your special someone on special occasions.

Surface: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 12x12
Colors: Golden Rod, Tan, Dark Blue, Red, Light Yellow, Yellow Green, Gray
Quality: 100% Original Painting
Frame: Unframed
Sizing Customization: Send us a message for different sizes.

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