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Impeccable Artwork Meet "Disconnected Dina" Acrylic Painting

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Meet, “Disconnected Dina.” She defaults to privacy and lets her introverted self take the wheel at every opportunity... when she isn’t careful she lets herself stay home and tucked away... home always feels better than being out in the world... she forgets that humans are connected... she forgets that most people are good and trustworthy... she’s working on remembering...

  • A cool decorative way to highlight your unique artsy taste.
  • Impress your family, relatives, friends, visitors throughout the year with this beautiful art piece.

Surface: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 12x12
Colors: Orange Red, Light Pink, Red, Khaki, Black, Gray, Dark Blue
Quality: 100% Original Painting
Frame: Unframed
Sizing Customization: Send us a message for different sizes.

Do you want a customize painting? Send us your request to discuss it. https://www.barnandtown.com/pages/contact