mountains and sky sunset
sunset on mountains and ocean light
abstract blue ocean

Barn and Town

Fevered Landscape No Words Abstract Painting Wall Art Home Design

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How do you do justice to sunset with words? How do you describe the colors and the way the light pushes through the atmosphere and over the mountains and into the ocean? And how when the sun sets on a summer day the heat vibrates and wraps around each little thing leaving bits and pieces of the day? There are no words...

  • Know someone who is fond of sunsets? This would make a splendid gift!
  • Get lost in this painting as you hang this on your workplace or your spot of choice.

Surface: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 14x14
Colors: Astronaut, Red Damask, Mule Fawn, White Rock, Di Serria, Steel Blue
Quality: 100% Original Painting
Frame: Unframed
Sizing Customization: Send us a message for different sizes.

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