Goodbye January + Recap of the Month

Artist Erin Vincent at Dakota Art Supply Store in Bellingham

January in Washington State is the weather month that we all just have to get through. Well...I guess February fits this bill as well but...January is particularly ferocious. Cold and dark and rainy and...sometimes snowy...this time of the year can make you forget that spring really will appear. I think our infamous gray sky has more to do with the general gloominess than anything else. artist erin vincent desk photo

Despite the winter doldrums, there are upsides. For example, while the storms rage outside, it's almost impossible for me not to hunker down inside my house and tackle projects that seem too mundane when the sun is shining. And for that...I am grateful for the special way that January motivates me to stay inside and get to work! 

I used this month to plan and get myself ready for business opportunities throughout the year. I challenged myself to apply to more art shows (more on that when I know where I am going to be this year), work on my website(s) and take care of a few other administrative issues I've been meaning to work through. wasn't all paperwork and planning this month. I I also shared a new alls well that ends well shakespeare paintingcollection of paintings inspired by Shakespeare. The collection is fun and whimsical and I am really proud to send it out into the world. If you are can find that full collection here.

I also transferred an inspiration to canvas and board to begin a new collection that is based on movement and figure and a limited color palette...I'm still in the middle of this particular series of paintings...more to come!Artist Erin Vincent New Collection

artist erin vincent teaching kids to paint









I can't end my report of January activity without mentioning painting with my kids. One of the activities that I enjoy most in life!

What does the weather look like in your neck of the woods?

All the best,


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