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Erin Vincent ArtistI grew up covered in paint. I was never happier than when I was making something. And, oh, the things I would make. For example. I once orchestrated a perfume stand for the sale of crushed flower petals mixed with water and carefully decanted into ziplock bags. Bless those neighbors who snapped up those creations!
Then there was the time I created a line of greeting cards that I very boldly expected Hallmark to gobble right up. So firm was my conviction on tis point that I actually mailed the company a collection of cards to which they responded with a very kind and gentle "no."
One of my favorite memories of creativity in childhood was using allowance money to make copies of a script of the Sound of Music that I found at the local library. Precious summer days were spent "directing" performances. The neighbors (man, these were patient people) purchased tickets and sat through the result of that endeavor. Oh, my.
I spent my childhood floating in my creative state.
 After high school I attended the Art Institute of Seattle where I found inspiration in real painting instruction and Graphic Design. The painting stuck...the Graphic Design? Not so much. BUT the training did give me important skills that I have used throughout my life and career so I consider the training to have been time well spent.
Unfortunately, leaving art school meant a bit of a dry spell for art. I worked hard at other things including pursuing a Paralegal degree, then a BA in Political Science from the University of Washington and a Masters in Public Administration from Eastern Washington University. I got involved in politics. Honed my skills in PR and Communication. Learned how to help people tell their stories and, thankfully discovered my own story when I picked art back up in 2014.
Since returning to my creativity, I have worked to fit art in "when I have time." it happens...what this meant was that I was doing art less and less. Some months meant that I did not pick up a brush at all. This did not feel good to me. I didn't want to look back at this time, however busy, and miss the opportunity to grow in my art. So, starting in January 2019, I committed to starting every day with art. What that means to me is that I wake up at 4:30 a.m. every morning to paint. And you know what? I have never been so happy to wake up. I suspect that most people remember something that made them happy as a child. I also suspect that thing could be a source of happiness in adult life.
What made you happy as a kid? Could you do it again now that you are an adult?

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