Ending with a rainbow...

Rainbow child's drawingToday is not the end of anything. Except my journal. I love my journal. It is a soft, caramel, leather book filled with beautiful paper that absorbs pens in just the right way. The best part about it is that it can be refilled with blank pages.

I started this particular book in April 2020. I have drawn, planned and written my way through this year and today arrived at the last blank page.

My three-year-old daughter Josephine woke up with a vision for that page, "Mom, I want to draw a rainbow in your journal." I said no. I wanted to use the page to end the book with something profound...something to mark the end of everything this year has been so far. 

And then...I realized what she had asked. A rainbow. She wanted to draw a rainbow. Her drawing is the perfect way to wrap up my journal today. A rainbow is a promise. It is a hope. It is pride. It is acknowledgement. It is future.

My girl reminded me of the future today. We've been through an epic year...BUT we're staring down the future. 

Here's to starting the next book with the promise of a rainbow!

All the best,


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