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Expired Claritin

It appears that Benjamin Franklin was wrong. He once said that, “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” amidst the coronavirus pandemic has proved that to be false. Schools are closed, grocery stores are limiting purchases as shelves run bare AND our traditional April tax deadline has been moved to July. The world has shifted on its axis. 

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A Few Tips For Stocking the Art Supply Cupboard

We live in unprecedented times. As news around Coronavirus swirls endlessly, we are met with uncertainty but also resilience. In Washington state where I live, schools are shut down for the next six weeks and while we scramble for childcare plans and that last roll of toilet paper rumored to exist at the local grocery store — my little community is also busy inventing ways to support each other while we spend time at a distance. I was particularly cheered by a new Facebook “helper” group whereby healthy people volunteer to run errands and help bring necessities to those who may be housebound. Another community member is making what she is calling “vats” of soup for anyone who might need...

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Growth Mindset is the Essential Element for Artists (And...Everyone Else)

Have you read Dr. Carol Dweck's book, Mindset? For the love of everything that is good in love and life and business and relationships, get yourself a copy! Link here. As an artist, I think that I already have a bit of an edge when it comes to experiencing failure. In my personal experience, a lot of bad art is made on the road to breakthrough. What separates the artists that do, in fact, break through? Willingness to keep failing. Willingness to keep showing up. Willingness to not be a "natural." Willingness to admit that you are still growing. Willingness to celebrate the process. Oh my. These things are not celebrated tendencies in our modern culture in which genius, 'giftedness'...

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